I will help you ignite your passion and create the life you desire.

We're not like most people, you and I.

I don’t live conventionally and I don’t believe that you should either. You are a beautiful, unique snowflake that deserves to embrace your individual essence. It may be easy to lose sight of that in a world that trains you to be a replica humanoid who fits securely into a nice, pretty office cubicle. It’s all good though. The indoctrination didn’t stick with you. That’s why you’re here. 😉

Your business is an extension of you, and, in today’s world, it needs a boost to stand out from the crowd. Just like you.

Here, at Creation.begins, we want to help you create a great, modern business by really unpacking why you want to run your own business and how you can tie it in with your existing passions. We will help you create a website and virtual storefront, which can serve as your sales powerhouse, promoting and selling your goods and services 24 /7, together with good marketing practices. You won’t be left alone to figure out the digital landscape on your own. We will guide you every step of the way from no idea to launching your business.

Who am I!

If you didn’t catch my intro on the homepage, hello again!
My name is Jaiprakash. Most people call me Jai (rhymes with Ray).

The Internet has made it possible to run an online business from virtually anywhere. And as somebody who really struggles to work in an office, mainly because I’m allergic to pants, this amazing invention has been the source of much excitement in my life. You see, I do believe that life is our greatest adventure and that the amount of time we spend behind a desk working according to somebody else’s rules takes far too much of our precious time that could be better spent on, well, living.

I have been passionate about experiencing as much as possible, learning as much as I am able, and embracing the joys that life has to offer. But, of course, not all barkeeps accept massages in exchange for margaritas. Aaaaand you should probably watch out for the ones that do. So we still need to bring in the mula. For the majority of my adult life, I have actively tried out a variety of ventures, started numerous businesses, delved into the weird and wonderful worlds of online freelance, affiliate marketing, and network marketing. I’ve written erotica for dodgy sites, and subjected friends to pushy promotions. And took far too long to realise that what I had of value to offer was under my nose all along.

I have always been a bit of a misfit, having started writing my first novel at the tender age of 8, and programming at the less tender age of 10. Somewhere at the time, I was copying the dance choreography of Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul, proudly proclaiming that I was going to grow up to be an entertainer. I read encyclopedias for fun, often preferring to huddle in a corner with a good fantasy novel than embarrass myself trying to play cricket. By adulthood, I had already racked up a fair bit of skills but went to University anyway — mainly it turned out, to build on one skill that was sorely lacking at the time; the ability to talk to girls 😛

The Journey of Creation

Through my adult life, I continued to improve myself, spiritually and mentally. My career path meandered through web development, college lecturing, acting and dancing, voice acting, writing, massage and esoteric healing, sex education, running a variety of workshops, teaching, and eventually mentoring and advising.

I started Creation.begins as a freelance web development company and have been slowly evolving it as I started advising more clients, and running workshops, problem-solving their businesses and sharing wisdom, instead of simply building websites. With age and wisdom, I started connecting my various skills to work together instead of trying to keep my various careers separate. It’s still been a challenging journey, as I also dealt with my own mental issues, and, of course, that dreaded self-doubt package that so many of us carry. But it was through this journey that I realised that I can help others overcome the same challenges I had to.

As creative people, free thinkers, radicals who don’t fit the molds society has designed for us, we have to think and act outside of the box. And that’s exactly what I am here to help you do. Because never before has it been as possible to create the lives that serve us, that pay us for being the unique individuals that we are.

It’s not all candyfloss and roses, of course. The ideal of working on your laptop from the beach or a coffee shop, while possible, is not the norm. There’s still a fair bit of hustle required. And courage.

We have been trained in a particular way of thinking and doing things. Changing that mindset is one of the hardest and most rewarding self-development processes you may go through. The thing is, building a business is not difficult. It’s a process like everything else. And it can be easy to be side-lined and waste time, effort and money on the wrong things. BUT there is a strategy that we can apply.

So What Exactly Do We Do?

Creation.begins caters to the creative entrepreneur; that’s you. I will help you identify your purpose, create a business out of one or more of your passions (one at a time, of course), establish a digital presence as quickly and efficiently as possible, and develop a strategy that puts you in front of your ideal clients so you can help them, and, ultimately, help yourself experience the life you desire. Whether that is a secure stable home to bring up your family, vacationing around the world, living a fancy lifestyle or finding your own unique sense of freedom. The options are endless.

My aim is to help you ignite your passion, get your business up and running on the Web, and help you bring your dreams to life. Whether you’re starting at step zero, just looking for an easy to manage website, or need to boost your business.

It is always a fun, challenging journey, pushing some limits, and stretching some boundaries, but I think you’re up for the challenge. 😉

Now What?

Whether you have no clue what you want to do, or you need a boost standing out in your market, or you just need a kick up the wazoo and some advice from someone who has been there, crawled through the mud, and is still standing.

Let’s start at the beginning. Sign up for the Ignite Your Passion workbook to kick start your creative juices.