6 July 2017

Mid-Year Resolutions

As we get going on the second half of 2017, it’s a good time to check back on any goals and resolutions that you’ve set for […]
25 May 2017

The challenges of being an entrepreneur

The journey of the entrepreneur is not an easy one. It takes kutzpah and tenacity; are you up for the challenge?
15 May 2017
Lion Statue

The Reality is Nobody Cares

Be wild and be yourself, and let the opinions of others wash over you. Cos they don't really care bout you, as much as their own wellbeing and insecurities.
16 April 2017
Work books

Fostering An Entrepreneurial Mind Revisited

Being an entrepreneur is not difficult. Simply think like one. Be curious, persist, be creative, collaborate, find and use resources, be passionate.
12 April 2017
Work books

Self Directed Education

A bit about this concept of self directed learning that I've been unknowingly applying all my life.
9 April 2017
Man with briefcase

Which business model is easiest to run successfully?

In truth, you can make a decent living off any business system but it’s easiest to be involved in one that you’re also passionate about.