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Website development that's less painful than sticking a fork in your eye for one thing!

Entrepreneuring can be a gratifying and liberating adventure, with its share of challenges.
But no person is an island.
Whether you're starting out or established, let's work together to get your business flying.


Hey, I’m Jai'prakash, a website designer and consultant for passionate, creative business owners looking to uplevel their digital presence. I love working with people who are go-getters, ready to shift gears and prepared to take big leaps towards their dreams.

Creation.begins caters for the ideas man and woman, giving you a professional website built on the WordPress system, with over 200 themes out of the box to cater for your specific business. I will set up your mailing list and analytics on your behalf, showing you the best practices to start creating your list of clientele, how to read and respond to your website's analytics, as well as the basics of managing your website content, with advice on what to focus on as you generate your content. We will also advise you on setting up Google Adwords campaigns with a list of best practices, and how to create your ad copy.

In short, Creation.begins focuses on the technical and digital side of things while you do what you do best; building your business. Ready to fly with me? Check out the links on this page for details on my services!

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16 April 2017
Work books

Fostering An Entrepreneurial Mind Revisited

Being an entrepreneur is not difficult. Simply think like one. Be curious, persist, be creative, collaborate, find and use resources, be passionate.
12 April 2017
Work books

Self Directed Education

A bit about this concept of self directed learning that I've been unknowingly applying all my life.
9 April 2017
Man with briefcase

Which business model is easiest to run successfully?

In truth, you can make a decent living off any business system but it’s easiest to be involved in one that you’re also passionate about.