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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress6 min read

The chances are you’ve heard about WordPress. If you haven’t, it’s basically a system that underlies your website making it easy for the common person to manage, without needing to learn any coding language.

Over the years, WordPress has become a leading technology because of its ease, security, and extendibility. It is used by close to 80 million sites, including Fortune 500 companies and famous personalities. Take a look at this Showcase; you may be surprised at which popular websites are powered by WordPress.

Wordpress Stats

WordPress Stats from

Creation.begins leverages this in our website packages, giving you a system that you can maintain on your own, secure in the knowledge that your website is robust, modern, and easily upgradable and can expand to meet virtually any future need.

Whether you work with Creation.begins or create a website yourself, here are some of the main reasons why you should use WordPress:

  1. Search Engine Optimised
    Right out of the box, WordPress conforms to many good SEO practises, making it easily rankable by Google and other search engines. It includes built-in SEO tools , but you can also enhance its natural SEO capabilities with numerous plugins.
  2. Safe and Secure
    WordPress is developed with privacy and security in mind. Given its popularity, it has become a target for hackers which is exactly why the company takes security very seriously. WordPress has an automatic update feature which keeps the core software up to speed with the latest code to prevent any breach. And if the default security isn’t enough for you, there are also several plugins which offer additional protection.
  3. Easily Customisable
    WordPress is extremely flexible and versatile enough to meet any of your needs through its extensive features and extensions. We will set up a WordPress website with everything you need to run your business website. However, there are more than 20,000 WordPress plugins (both free and premium) available to completely customise your website as you desire, whether that’s adding a simple “like” button or extending the site’s functionality as you expand your business.
  4. Easy to Setup and Easy to Use
    One of the reasons, we can offer such quick turn-around is because WordPress itself is very easy to install and set-up.
    If you opt to do it yourself, has a complete tutorial to get you up and running in virtually no time.
    WordPress was primarily developed for non-tech savvy bloggers, which means that much of user-interface is user-friendly. While we will handle the complexities of setting up and customising the initial website, you can easily manage and maintain the content without any help. You can update content and make changes to your website using any computer, tablet or smart phone, as long as there is Internet connectivity.
    We do provide video training as part of our packages to help you quickly add or edit web pages or blog posts, add images, adjust your menu, and more, but there are numerous free tutorials on the Internet as well.
  5. Simple To Upgrade and Update
    WordPress rolls out newer versions fairly regularly. Some of these updates implement under-the-hood changes, making your website more secure, search friendly, or speedier, while every now and then, a major update will introduce enhanced features and better the user experience. The strength of WordPress is that it has a dedicated and robust community who are constantly working on bettering the software. This means that your website is constantly evolving with the World Wide Web.
    In addition, the look and feel of your website can be changed with minimal hassle, retaining all your existing content. It really is a simple process to keep your website current by giving it a complete makeover.
  6. Multiple Users
    The built-in multi-user functionality of WordPress means you can easily assign different roles for different people. Create administrators to manage your entire website and, for example, authors who only manage content. Different users have access to different parts of the website so you can control exactly who manages what.
    This same functionality is used to create memberships for subscription and e-commerce websites, meaning your have a functional membership capabilities for your website from the get-go.
  7. Mobile Friendly
    In today’s age, it is important that your customers can access your website on any device. The built-in WordPress templates and the ones we provide are designed to be responsive, which means they display on computer screens, smart TVs, tablets and other mobile devices.
  8. Multimedia friendly
    It is easy to add images, video and audio into your content, whether you upload that media to your website or embed them from a site such as YouTube. In fact, WordPress is so intelligent that often you merely have to place the link to a YouTube video or even a Twitter post into you copy and WordPress will pull the video or Tweet directly onto your page. In our training, we will demonstrate all the services supported by WordPress.
  9. Lower Costs
    In comparison to other open source Content Management System (CMS) software, WordPress incurs the least setup, customization, and maintenance costs. It is in fact free software, which means you can download and install the software by yourself for free, and create any website, e-commerce, blog, or membership site.
    Creation.begins‘ packages are complete solutions for most business but should you need something more, being an open source platform, WordPress allows anyone, including us, to customize and improve the code to create a website that completely suits your needs. Additionally, you are not locked down with a static website or proprietary CMS that requires regular costs to tweak or maintain after initial development.
  10. It’s Yours!
    The website is yours! If you’re unhappy with a hosting company’s service or speed, you can change companies and carry your website with you without needing to recreate it and with minimal downtime. Most web hosting providers support WordPress websites, which leaves you with numerous choices to choose the host who best suits your business needs.
    You can’t do this for many of the hosted website platforms. For example, if you have a website on Wix, Weebly or Squarespace, you’ll have to stay there; you can’t simply move it to another hosting provider or platform.

Convinced that WordPress is one of the best, if not the best solution for your business website? Doing it yourself is relatively easy with a wide collection of how to websites on the Internet, including Of course, we can do all the leg work for you, and have your fully functional website up inside of a week.

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