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So you may have figured out by now that I am using the proverbial “we” on this website because it sounds mildly better than constantly saying me, me, me. In reality, you do get me at your beck and call. Mostly. I do have other things to do too. 🙂

With Creation.begins, you get training and coaching to develop your digital presence, and turn your website into a sales powerhouse. This comes in the form of video lessons and one-on-one time with me, usually through Skype but we can also do a physical coffee (or other warm beverage), depending on where in the world you and I fall at any particular moment. I work with people who want to transition out of the employed world, are transitioning from the employed world, have a new startup, as well as people who are expanding their existing businesses.

I began this venture as a website developer and have over the years expanded into consultation and coaching to creative entrepreneurs. I have been doing this for the better part of two decades, and my expertise in multiple industries helps me cater to virtually any service and business.

Solutions for the Creative Entrepreneur