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Figuring It Out

Figuring It Out

I’ve got no idea what I am doing.
Help me, please



I’m kind of on track, but I need a boost.
Help me, please

It’s good news, bad news time.

The good news is that creating your dream life has never been more possible than it is today.
The bad news? The journey to this dream life is still shrouded in mystery as you sidestep charlatans and are forced to work off maps with “Here be dragons” scrawled across all the important bits.

My name is Jaiprakash. And I am a wizard.

I will guide you through this scary landscape, and we won’t meet any dragons.
Pinkie promise. They’re scared of the light saber.

Understanding how to live an unrestrained life; working from where you choose and when you choose; connecting with clients, marketing and selling your services from anywhere; living a life of freedom, according to your rules; and all while not wearing pants. That’s the dream, right?

Well, that’s my dream. I can only hope it’s yours too.

If so, let’s walk it together, as I guide you through this journey of self-discovery:

  • identifying the passions you can turn into a profitable business,

  • connecting with the people you actually want to work with,

  • figuring out how to realise your freedom,

  • using your natural gifts to better your world...

  • ...and earn a living by doing so.

So how do we create this dream life?

We start by getting back to basics, cutting out the clamor, focusing on what is important to you, and taking systematic steps to seeing your dreams realised. Whether you’re still figuring out how to live this life, or starting out a business, or need a boost to get past any current obstacles, it is time to stop wasting energy on the activities are not supporting you, get clear, and level up in your life. It’s time to take the next step from where you are now into the life you want.

Figuring It Out

Figuring It Out

I’ve got no idea what I want to do.
Help me, please



I’m kind of on track, but I need a boost.
Help me, please


Wait. So are you really a wizard?

Let me introduce myself properly. Hi! My name is Jaiprakash. You can call me Jai. Rhymes with Ray.

I believe that life is our greatest adventure and that we should all be living it to the max. Which is why I have been passionate about experiencing as much as possible, learning as much as I am able, and embracing the joys that life has to offer. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a loon and a hippie and geek and have essentially been a misfit through much my life, but these are the same traits that have helped me lead the life I have, achieving acclaim in multiple industries as a writer, a bodywork therapist, an actor, a programmer, a dancer, and an inspiring advisor and mentor.

Make no mistake, it has been a difficult and often lonely journey of self-discovery. Since the age of 10-years-old, I have been clacking away at keyboards, creating programmes and websites, and the odd PG rated fantasy stories, as well as very obscure poetry which we shall speak no more of. And in the decades to follow, I’ve explored the realms of dance, performance, acting on tv and in movies, digital positioning, the psychology of people, business building, public speaking, therapy, massage, adult education, content creation, and a few other realms which I can safely forget. I’ve worked with companies in the mining industry, the education industry, the team development industry, the finance industry, the media industry and, of course, the IT industry. The combination of my winning personality, analytic skills, and creative approaches to problems have worked beautifully in guiding and advising my clients while developing both their digital and real-world presence.

Aside from Creation.begins, I work as an actor and writer, and still do the occasional massage treatment and adult workshop.
My passions remain varied and I will always be an adventurer, seeking new ground and pushing myself through to a greater understanding of this thing we call life.

I help you figure out a system that supports you.

What all this means if that I have accumulated the varied life experience and wisdom to work closely with you on exactly what type of people and opportunities you want to attract. I believe in freedom, and having the money freedom and the time freedom to be able to give the best of ourselves, living the life we would prefer, and serving our clients in the best way. My superpower is being able to analyse what is needed and deliver creative solutions.

Read the stuff that fell out of my brain matter

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...with you

What the peeps are sayin’

  • Johan Cronje
    It was a most worthwhile and pleasant experience in dealing with Jai in the process of developing my Internet interactive system. What impressed me was his ability to listen accurately what I wanted and delivering on that every time and on time. Thank you for your professional contribution!
    Johan Cronje
    Integro Learning
  • Wayne Hunter
    It's always a pleasure working on web development projects with Jai, as he helps bring projects to life with his highly developmental skills and his sence of humor. He gets involved from the planning stages right through to the testing of the online product and at what ever future opportunities I can work with Jai on a project I will rope him in.
    Wayne Hunter
  • Frank Pearmain
    I have worked with Jai on a few development projects, mostly developing business applications running on the WordPress platform. Jai is an accomplished developer who works quickly and efficiently. The suggestions and ideas he brings to the table, as a result of his experience, are invaluable. Jai is also a team player and his jovial demeanour makes him a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Jai as a developer, or project manager, and would not hesitate to use his services again in the future.
    Frank Pearmain
    WildFrontier Safaris
  • Brian Pheiffer
    Jai worked with my team for the better part of two years. To date, he's been the best fit developer I've ever had in my team. Jai has a go getter attitude and was always able to figure out development challenges I threw at him. Never did I get a "no it can't be done" but rather "sure, we'll figure it out". And he did, on every project. Jai is a skilled, creative guy which is a rare combination for a developer.
    Brian Pheiffer
    Digital Dynamite