Creation.begins with you - empower yourself

let's begin It's time for
you to embrace
your awesome

once upon a time,
you were born into this universe

and became the most important person alive

The better your connection with yourself, the more you get clarity over your own needs and desires, the more you can articulate to yourself and others what it is you want to experience, the more sensitive you become to where you are right now in relation to your goals.

And the better you get at treating yourself with the utmost priority and importance, the more you will appreciate your life right now and everything that has led to here.

Many long years may have past since your conception but there’s still time to live easy, have more fun, and embrace your inner kid (in a totally non-creepy way).

Reconnect with who you really are, and shine that light out into the world, so that you can enjoy inspired work, inspired relationships, and live an exceptionally inspired life.

If you want to work hard and strive, you’re completely in the wrong place. This book is about you embracing your power, and filling your life and your world with pleasure.

Side effects of being empowered include:

  • being gentle with yourself
  • being gentle with others
  • following your heart
  • enjoying your life more
  • being unconditionally happy
  • embracing and prioritising your desires
  • prioritising your self care
  • loving others so much they worry about you
  • seeming a little crazy in general
  • completely disregarding any rules that go against your natural innate drive to love.

About Creation.begins

Everyone has a fire burning in them, and with a little stokin’ it can turn to a raging inferno that creates worlds!

Okay, that’s a bit of a weird metaphor but you get the picture.

The reality is that this is your life. It is your responsibility. You are the artist and the architect.

And my intent is to help you fully realise this. Because I believe in better. And I believe in you.

Why this book?

I’ve written Creation.begins with you to be an inspired guide, that begins with some foundational insights, and follows through with activities to encourage your growth.

The aim is to help you habituate achievement. You want to be someone who is capable of reaching your goals all the time, making success your norm, instead of an accidental hit-or-miss process.

Preview the first chapter here. What have you got to lose?

There is a way to engage with life that defies what we’ve been taught. A way to be more positive, more joyful, more adventurous, more energised, and more productive. A way to take ownership of your emotions in the same way you’ve taken ownership of your muscles.

We’ve made things far too complicated and have got sucked into a very divided life of work and play, relationships games, and rules that make no sense for our personal nor communal wellbeing. Life is way too short to waste time on doing things that aren’t nourishing your soul or pleasing people who don’t know your bra size.

It’s time to smell the roses on a regular basis, greet the sunrise with joy and energy, and live out an existence that is more in flow with your purpose and desires.

Let’s do this, buttercup! Stop rationing out your life and take ownership of it.

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Get started on your journey of self-empowerment, have more fun with your life, and begin creating the experiences you prefer.

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