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Unleash your inner powerhouse!

We are all about living easy, about having fun, about embracing your inner kid (in a totally non-creepy way).
Reconnect with who you really are, and shine that light out into the world,
so that you can enjoy inspired work, inspired relationships,
and live an inspired life.

If you want to work hard and strive, you’re completely in the wrong place!
Here is where you embrace your power and fill your life with pleasure.

Side effects of being empowered include:

  • being gentle with yourself
  • enjoying your life more
  • following your heart
  • being unconditionally happy
  • realising your desires
  • loving others so much they worry about you
  • seeming a little crazy to other people in general
  • prioritising taking care of yourself
  • completely disregarding any rules that go against your natural innate desire to love.

Fill in your details to get actionable insights to improve your relationships, your career, and your world.

(but not your dress sense; I’m not a miracle worker!)

Hi, I’m Jaiprakash, and I am here to drop a healthy dose of tough love on you, and light a fire under your ass and in your heart.

Whether you want to develop your career, level up your relationships, enjoy a more empowered life, or just wear less pants, I am here to, firstly, tell you that it’s all possible, and secondly, help you realise those dreams to live life according to your rules.

We will journey together on a path of self-discovery, identifying where you want to be, and steadily building the mindset, the confidence, the perspectives, and uncovering the steps to take you there. I’m not gonna lie; buttons are going to be pushed and you’re gonna wanna kick me in the ‘nads from the get go, because change (of your outer world) doesn’t come without change (of your inner world). It’s time to put on your big-boy and big-girl panties (if underwear is your thing) and make life your bitch.

The side effects of unleashing your inner powerhouse may include:

  • knowing yourself and what you prefer

  • connecting with the people you actually want to work and play with

  • following the thrill of your passions

  • bringing out your inner light

  • shamelessly expressing your gifts to the world

  • living in harmony both with your soul and your community

  • being able to centre yourself in the midst of any storm

  • being loved for being you

There is a way to engage with life that defies what we’ve been taught. A way to be more positive, more joyful, more adventurous, more energised, and more productive. A way to take ownership of your emotions in the same way you’ve taken ownership of your muscles. And just as you don’t let other people decide how you move, you will learn to think more independently and manage your own emotions, being more in control of your life.

Life was never meant to be a slog.

We’ve made things far too complicated and have got sucked into a very divided life of work and play, relationships games, and rules that make no sense for our wellbeing. We are all unique little snowflakes, and it’s time to frikkin’ act like it. Life is way too short to waste time on doing things that aren’t nourishing your soul or pleasing people who don’t know your bra size.

It’s time to smell the roses on a regular basis, greet the sunrise with joy and energy, and live out an existence that is more in flow with your purpose and desires. Let’s do this, buttercup! Stop rationing out your life and take ownership of it.

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