It's time to take charge of your life.

Creation begins with you.

The ideal life of your dreams does not come about on autopilot.

You’ve done the work, you’ve read the books, you’ve attended the seminars. You’ve given your life to the system.

You keep sweating blood and life still demands more.

How much more of this can you take?

Sound familiar?

Surely life is meant to be easier than this.

Well, it certainly can be. And I can show you how to be a powerhouse in your own right, how to own life, and how to change everything around by changing yourself.

And there’s the rub, perhaps. Are you ready to take responsibility for your own world?
Ready to accept that it isn’t your boss’ responsibility, nor your lover’s, nor your mom’s?
This life is all you, every little bit of it you. And I am here to show you that it’s easier than you imagine.

I’m Jaiprakash.

My name is Hindi meaning “Victory of Light” and I’ve pretty much dedicated to living up to it, and helping you bring out your inner light.

I didn’t come from privileged stock, brought up in an Indian-only settlement in a segregated country, but my parents worked damn hard to get me well educated and settled into a cushy job in the medical field that should have seen me set from my late twenties to the rest of my life.

Unfortunately for them, but, perhaps, fortunately for the world, I had this insane need to experience different aspects of life well beyond academia and the default world, and did not want to endure the same rout existence of my peers. So I dutifully dropped out of university. Intelligent as I am, I am not an academic. Studying for the sake of studying just isn’t my thing. I prefer the practical application that comes with real life living outside of lecture halls.

Not that I don’t enjoy learning. On the contrary, I’ve always been a curious one and a nerdy one. I read encyclopedias for fun as a child, learning to program and play chess when I was about nine or ten, started writing when I was about seven, and perfecting my choreographed dances (a la Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul) when I was also a pre-teen. Over the years, I acquired more and more skills but could never stick at a job or really do anything that didn’t excite me for longer than a few months. Once the jobs got boring, no amount of money was incentive enough to keep me there.

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I moved from programming to web development to design to acting to writing to massage therapy back to web development back to acting to consulting to programming to coaching to more writing to doing just about anything anybody would pay me for. Through all of this, and while pursuing my own personal development through course work and study, I gained the insight and wisdom and fortitude to put all my skills together to make Creation.begins, a hub through which I am best able to share my knowledge and wisdom with a wider audience, and realise one of my dreams of helping better the world by helping others realise their own potential and shine their radiance.

Inspiring You Into Better

I’ve mastered the ability to hear people out and create strategic options for them, giving them different perspectives on their problems so that they can better move forward. I’ve been a support for my friends, and have helped clients progress in their businesses and personal lives, offering insight in the form of strategic coaching, from a combined understanding of technology, human behaviour, and spiritual realities.

I’ve been the guy who writes up the website copy, smooths out office politics, becomes the defacto intermediary between management and office staff.
I am the confidante, the advisor, the guide, the professional best friend.

I am an inspiration, an ignitor of passions, and instigator of adventure. I am a champion of freedom and joy, and my superpower is bringing out the best in people.

I am always willing to give people a chance (as many as are needed), and I’m always pushing people to honour their inner Goddess and God.

I come alive when I have a chance to help somebody else come alive. Because I believe in better. And I believe in you.


Everyone has a fire burning in them, and with a little stokin’ it can turn to a raging inferno that creates worlds!

Okay, that’s a bit of a weird metaphor but you get the picture.

The reality is that Creation always begins with you. This is your life. It is your responsibility. You are the artist and the architect.
Nobody else can create it on your behalf. People and situations will certainly support you while you lead the way, but they will not do it for you.
And while it is all up to you, it does, some days, help to have a professional bestie to spur you on.

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Get started on your journey of self-empowerment, have more fun with your life, and begin creating the experiences you prefer.

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