It's time to take charge of your life.

Creation begins with you.

Perhaps, you think you would take charge if only life was a smidgen easier.

Well, it certainly can be. You can be a powerhouse in your own right. This website aims to inspire you to embrace life, and shift everything around you by inspiring you into being somebody who lovingly prioritises yourself and your desires.

And there’s the rub, perhaps. Are you ready to take responsibility for your own world?
Are you ready to accept that it isn’t your boss’ responsibility, nor your lover’s, nor your mom’s?
This life is all you, every little bit of it you. And it may be easier than you imagined.

Inspiring You Into Better

Creation begins with you

live your very own life

The first book, on its own, is enough to get your life on track.

Laying the foundation, this book helps you get into the mental and emotional space to be a winner, so you can enjoy a fulfilled, nurtured, satisfying life.

Level Up

unleash your potential

The second book is all about living a truly magnificent life beyond the wildest dreams of the majority of humanity.

Building on the foundations set in Creation begins, it’s time to tap into your huge goals and bring as many of them as you dare into your reality.

About Me

I’m Jai’prakash.

My name is Hindi, meaning “Victory of Light” and I’m pretty much dedicated to living up to it, and helping you bring out your own inner light.

I didn’t come from privileged stock, brought up in an Indian-only settlement in a segregated country, but my parents worked damn hard to get me well educated and establish a meaningful existence. Aspiring to be an author since the age of six, I spent the majority of my decades collating data, testing the waters of life, stumbling, falling, and building the experience that would eventually, decades later, fuel the words you will read in this book.

Today, I am an actor, an author, and an adventurer, enticing and influencing my greater world to dance and prance along with me. A firm advocate of every person’s rights to be fully and flamboyantly themselves, I share in this book, the wisdoms discovered through my own challenges, confident that you can learn to live better from my missteps.

We will journey together on a path of self-discovery, identifying where you want to be, and steadily building the mindset, the confidence, the perspectives, and uncovering the steps to take you there. I’m not gonna lie; buttons are probably going to be pushed and you’re may wanna kick me in the ‘nads from the get go, because change (of your outer world) doesn’t come without change (of your inner world). It’s time to put on your big-person panties (if underwear is your thing) and make life your bitch-ass bestie.

Public Speaking

Talks based on the books

I give 30 and 60 minute interactive talks based on content from the Creation begins with you and Level Up books. These talks can be conducted live or via streaming video. All talks end with an optional Q&A discussion session, relevant to the subject.

  • Creation begins with you
    • introducing the concept of self-empowerment and how much more influence we have on our own lives
  • Adulting Made Easy
    • this short talk helps change perspectives from the age-old “adulting is hard” sentiment to a “life can be simpler and easier” sentiment.
  • Find Your Soul, Mate
    • short talk on your role in your own life as it relates to romantic / life-partner relationships
  • Level Up
    • advanced concepts for deliberate creators

These and more talks are also given at Expressive Explorer adventures. Check out the full list of topics here.

Down The Rabbit Hole

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