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Getting Over That Hurdle Of Doing What You Want

Are you somebody who does what you want to do? If you are, big props, you are not the majority. Most people, for some ungodly reason, […]

Nothing is Without Meaning

You are not insignificant. Nobody is. Nothing is. Not even the infuriating little mosquito. Everything we do, whether with purpose or not, has consequence and, therefore, […]

Being the greatest gift you could ever be

You are love through and through. If only you believed that, you would never feel any need to prove your worth.

Fostering An Entrepreneurial Mind

Some kids are a whiz at making money. I wasn’t one of them. My route was the longer one.

The Convoluted Journey of Creation.begins

UPDATE for 2021: What use to be the business front for my various endeavours has evolved into a book, born from the experiences of my various […]

7 Steps to Kicking Ass This Year

Every year should be the new best year. Here’s some ways that can make that a reality.

Drawing in the Crowds

I know how hard it can be to get focused when there’s a hundred things on your to-do list. I personally have a very undirected mind […]

Do you believe in luck?

Community’s Pierce Hawthorne’s message is to take ownership of life no matter what has happened and no matter who is in your face.

My first job

Let me tell you how I got my first proper job. It wasn’t because of my expertise or winning personality. It was because I wanted to be a Jedi.

Act from confidence, instead of desperation

A person who is starving will put any morsel they can into their mouth. A person who is nourished will be more picky, and only choose what they enjoy. If you can approach life predominantly from the latter perspective, you will experience more of what you want and less of what you settle for.

Practice a little Self-compassion

A delightful video from The School of Life to pleasantly remind us to not be overly hard on ourselves in this sometimes difficult and harsh world.

Self-Employed doesn’t mean Entrepreneurial

The difference between working for yourself and building a system to work for you.

Following Your Soul’s Journey

What have you’ve always wanted to do? What were you born into. And are you doing what needs doing to fulfill this mission.

The Past Is The Past

I had a very interesting chat with my taxi driver. Well, not my personal taxi driver. He was one of the many I have met this […]

New Year Resolutions – Sticking It Out

A little bit of advice on keeping yourself on track with all your new year goals as we journey further into the year 🙂


Be passionate, work towards your passion, enjoy yourself, have fun, live! Take back Monday! Make it yours and kick ass! Everyday!

My Thoughts On Trigger Warnings

Trigger warnings have become almost defacto on content these days. And I must say that I have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, I […]

Book Yourself Solid

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port is a about creating a business building system that helps you book more clients, earn more referrals, and build profitable, long-lasting professional relationships

The Importance of Pre-planning

The weekend past was dedicated to assisting with the productions of two of Apeiro Training’s students. The aim of these mini productions is to give our […]

Fostering An Entrepreneurial Mind Revisited

Being an entrepreneur is not difficult. Simply think like one. Be curious, persist, be creative, collaborate, find and use resources, be passionate.

11 Tips to Greater Productivity

I love to play so it’s a challenge to be productive on demand. Here are some of the tactics I employ to get the most of my working time.

Words don’t teach

I’m usually quick to sprout advice, especially through chat messaging and social media. If you ask a question, I’m often thrilled and eager to give an […]

You Cannot Multiply Wealth by Dividing It

A little example on the flaw in socialism.

Getting it done

Procrastination is one of my many talents. I can leave a task undone for years, while I steadily and meticulously tend to far more trivial matters, […]

Keep Holding To The Vision

Sometimes, when the bills pile up, and the clients are few, we need reminding why we chose this stressful path of entrepreneurial life.

The Reality is Nobody Cares

Be wild and be yourself, and let the opinions of others wash over you. Cos they don’t really care bout you, as much as their own wellbeing and insecurities.

A better way of approaching life

As we wind down the year, it’s amusing watching people talk about all the bad things that happened to them and how they’re longing for a […]

How to bounce back from your fuck ups

Messing up is part of life. When we were young, we called it growth and learning. And we bounced back immediately. When did that change?

Mid-Year Resolutions

As we get going on the second half of 2017, it’s a good time to check back on any goals and resolutions that you’ve set for […]

Take Charge of Your Own Joy

How about realising happiness where you are? If you choose to change nothing else but yourself, you will be far more empowered in your situations and your interactions with other people.

Sometimes the Chasm is too wide!

Evaluate the chasm, prepare your muscles, strengthen your legs, and take the leap.

The challenges of being an entrepreneur

The journey of the entrepreneur is not an easy one. It takes kutzpah and tenacity; are you up for the challenge?

Be Who You Wanna Be

Learning to take more responsibility and deliberately choosing your emotional state irrespective of any activity empowers your decision making ability.

Big Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines

A goal that’s important to you will always be there. And you will do what you can to achieve that dream regardless of how long it will take you.

Business ain’t Business

It’s about building connections, bettering relationships, sharing knowledge and helping others.

Escaping Formal Education

If you want a good entry job, having a university degree does help improve your first paycheck. On the other hand, it is still possible to succeed without this education. The most important thing is your willingness to learn.

How to always have a great year (with a wee mindset adjustment)

The quality of your year (and life) is determined less by what you’re going through, than by your reaction and perception of what you’re going through. Let me explain….

Self Directed Education

A bit about this concept of self directed learning that I’ve been unknowingly applying all my life.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

Wordpress is one of the more widely used content management systems on the Internet today. Learn why it may be the best tool to run your website.


These articles relate to your personal journey as an adult human, how to take responsibility for your creations, and how to enjoy the journey of creating the creations.

Conscious Creation

Articles about enjoying a deliberate life, in every aspect. Which basically encapsulates ALL the articles.

Personal Development

These articles focus on your personal growth, as you become more and more aware of how important a component you are to your own life.


These articles include the topics of business, career, money in general, and anything else related to you doing those things that affect your greater world.


These articles focus on being unconditionally yourself around other people, especially those people who are most important to you.
These articles also, usually simultaneously, focus on allowing other people to be unconditionally themselves, especially those people who are most important to you.

Self Care

These articles are specifically focused on you taking care of yourself, and soothing yourself back into being the powerful, playful, happy creator who you were born as.

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