12 Oct 2016

Getting it done

Procrastination is one of my many talents. I can leave a task undone for years, while I steadily and meticulously tend to far more trivial matters, […]
21 Aug 2016

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

Wordpress is one of the more widely used content management systems on the Internet today. Learn why it may be the best tool to run your website.
6 Jul 2017

Mid-Year Resolutions

As we get going on the second half of 2017, it’s a good time to check back on any goals and resolutions that you’ve set for […]
24 Oct 2016


Be passionate, work towards your passion, enjoy yourself, have fun, live! Take back Monday! Make it yours and kick ass! Everyday!
1 Feb 2018

How to bounce back from your fuck ups

Messing up is part of life. When we were young, we called it growth and learning. And we bounced back immediately. When did that change?
30 Mar 2017
Pink Onesie

Keep Holding To The Vision

Sometimes, when the bills pile up, and the clients are few, we need reminding why we chose this stressful path of entrepreneurial life.
29 Sep 2016
Mobile phone with pad and laptop

Standing Out after Twenty Years Of Internet

My goal is to assist your business stand out on the web, guiding you to the resources and practical tools that can better your online footprint.
26 Oct 2016
Lakeside pier

Following Your Soul’s Journey

What have you've always wanted to do? What were you born into. And are you doing what needs doing to fulfill this mission.