13 Dec 2018

My Thoughts On Trigger Warnings

Trigger warnings have become almost defacto on content these days. And I must say that I have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, I […]
9 Dec 2018

Words don’t teach

I’m usually quick to sprout advice, especially through chat messaging and social media. If you ask a question, I’m often very eager to give an answer. […]
16 Aug 2018

Take Charge of Your Own Joy

How about realising happiness where you are? If you choose to change nothing else but yourself, you will be far more empowered in your situations and your interactions with other people.
9 Feb 2018

From Nothing To Awesome – Step One: Clearing

What do you do when you've hit bottom? Well, you don't keep digging, for one thing. You can cry, and vent, and be angry and punch walls, and let off steam. And then, take a deep breath. And prepare for the climb up.
1 Feb 2018

How to bounce back from your fuck ups

Messing up is part of life. When we were young, we called it growth and learning. And we bounced back immediately. When did that change?
12 Jan 2018

How to always have a great year (with a wee mindset adjustment)

The quality of your year (and life) is determined less by what you're going through, than by your reaction and perception of what you're going through. Let me explain....
9 Jan 2018

7 Steps to Kicking Ass This Year

Every year should be the new best year. Here's some ways that can make that a reality.
6 Jul 2017

Mid-Year Resolutions

As we get going on the second half of 2017, it’s a good time to check back on any goals and resolutions that you’ve set for […]
25 May 2017

The challenges of being an entrepreneur

The journey of the entrepreneur is not an easy one. It takes kutzpah and tenacity; are you up for the challenge?