The Books

Love your life as fully as you can.
Live your life as fully as you dare.

An Olympic gold contender doesn’t just decide after the third week straight of binging series, to hop off the couch and book their ticket to the next Olympic Games. They undergo a process of mental preparation way before the physical part of their journey even begins. You also need to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Designing your dream life requires the will to have what you want, the confidence to believe that you deserve it and that it’s possible for you to achieve.

These books aim to help you return to your path of most enjoyment and most fulfillment, by providing insight and exercises to turn your trajectory towards your most important dreams and get you back in alignment with the part of you that knows what you want from life, has no doubt that you can have whatever you desire, and, ultimately, inspires you to move forward and experience that perfect life you’ve been craving all along.

Two Books, One Goal

It’s time to recognise what tickles your heart.
And honour it.

You are a one-of-a-kind human, and your life path is as unique to you as every one else’s is to them. Nobody is capable of living your life for you, which means that you alone have to take responsibility for your destiny.

This is a book about taking ownership of your own life. It’s a book about making up rules that serve you. It’s a book about redefining purpose. It’s a book about being in control of your inner world. It’s a book about being kind. It’s a book about being accepting, about acknowledging and allowing the diverse range of humanity, who share your world and create life with you, to be as free and loved as you want for yourself.

By the end, you will still be you, but you will also be more pro-you. You will understand why it is so important to believe in yourself even if nobody else does. You will have an inkling of how much of a starring role you play in your own life. And you will have access to simple tools that will help you reconnect with the part of you that is more confident and empowered and self-reliant.

Maybe you’re aware of the vast array of choices you have in your life. Maybe you grasp how powerful you actually are. Perhaps, you will absorb the insights presented within these pages and allow yourself to be reminded that your story can play out in pretty much the way you want it to. Whatever you get out of this book is directly proportionate to how much of an active role you play in your life’s decision making and how many of those decisions are made for your own greater good.

Because you really have a lot more say in your life than you might give yourself credit for. From the moment you open your eyes, you can actively decide how you will spend each moment. You get to decide who you spend your time with, how you spend that time, and what you get out of said time. And the only reason you might not realise this is because most of your decisions are made out of unconscious habit, and because you’ve handed over much of your time and power to other people to manage. People like your bosses, your spouses, your parents.

Make more of your daily decisions a little more deliberately. By applying just a little bit of effort, and paying a little more attention, every day, you will take back the steering wheel, and learn to mould your life, piece by piece, bit by bit, step by step, into a wondrous adventure that benefits and pleases you more than it frustrates.

It’s time to unleash your fullest potential.

The first book is about accepting that you are the owner of your life, allowing yourself to enjoy your life, finding your flow with life, and taking responsibility for your experiences by being more accepting and allowing, and making more deliberate decisions towards your goals.

This book is about expanding on those goals and allowing yourself to think even bigger than before. Take your new-found, highly confident, connected self and start manifesting those huge destiny level dreams.

Your life is unlimited. You can be, do, and have anything you desire. There are no ceilings on any possibilities, except for those you place on yourself.

You’ve become aware of the array of choice available to you, and now you’re ready to fine-tune those choices so specifically as to live a life that only gods dream off. It’s time to think massive, and let yourself believe in the inevitability of all your dreams, not just the socially-sanctioned ones. Want to be the first trillionaire? How about piloting a spaceship? Maybe a little more down-to-earth dream of having a holiday home on every sub-continent? Or perhaps resolving the world’s hunger issues? A tiny global political revolution?

By the end of this book, I want you to be placing as few limits on your potential as you dare. You will not only be completely pro-you, but you will be your best cheerleader and your most ardent fan. You will take self-belief to the next level, becoming a master of your personal universe. All of your Universe! There is no reason to play small. Have the best relationships you can imagine. Enjoy the best adventures this planet has to offer. Live in luxury. Travel in style. Free your soul to live abundantly, lavishly, exuberantly, flamboyantly, more fully than 99% of the populace.

Now that your daily decisions are being made deliberately, you are ready to take the leap into magnificence. Shake loose, take charge, and steer your life, enthusiastically and maybe even a little maniacally, directly into the euphoric adventures of your lifetime.

my message

to you

Let’s live an exemplary life.

I am an incredibly ambitious human and I’m also lazy af.
Which simply meant I had to figure out the easiest way to achieve the most amazing life with the least amount of effort.

This drive is what led to both books, Creation begins with you and Level Up. They detail the same processes and tools that I used to lift myself out of mediocre thinking and being, and reflects my own stepping into alignment with my big dreams.

We want to be happy and relaxed and at peace and have enough time and energy and resources to experience a life that feeds our souls and nurtures our hearts. We certainly deserve that life and we can certainly achieve it, too. My journey to realising these pursuits took me on some wild adventures, and revealed some powerful insights.

Ironically, all these insights aren’t new. It’s the same advice, said in different words for millennia. The exciting thing is that more people are ready to comprehend these words than ever before in our recorded history. Life is indeed your best friend and most supportive companion, if you would only let it be.

These books pull together years of experience, of strife, of figuring out, of observation, and my own journey of self-development. I trust that this material will inspire you into living your own life according to your rules and led by your big desires.

. . .

Others can certainly support your journey but nobody else can create life on your behalf. It’s all you, every little bit of it.