We have designed our idea of a perfect life, in our perfect bodies, with our perfect relationships, purposefully filling our time with our most wanted desires. This vision of perfection exists in our imagination, and it feels amazing to focus on and think about the way life could be. And, bit by bit, we can learn to calibrate ourselves more with the life we desire and less with the one we complain about.

Speed running through material from the main books, Alignment is a reminder of what life can be about, and how we can live our best lives with the most ease and the least effort.

Feel for your personal perfection, and align with it as often as you desire.

a message

from me

Now is the experience of Everything.

When you are in alignment with your greatest self,
you will find perfection in every moment.

I keep finding something new to add to the series, it seems. The idea for this book came while editing Level Up. It is a bit of a follow up to the lessons presented in Authentic, while also being a stand-alone compendium of alignment-related content from the main books in the series.

The crux of our work in terms of what we may call our spiritual life—what we will eventually just call life—is simply to find our way back to the enjoyment of the ephemeral experience thereof as we live it from moment to moment. This is the ultimate idea of surrender; letting go of control, of the need for any of your desires, of the pressures of existence, of rules and mindsets that do not contribute to our sense of ease and enjoyment. Surrender to the pleasure of existing. Surrender to the privilege of being.

We have spent enough of our time on this planet fighting to exist, proving our worth, struggling from day to day, month to month, year to year. It is high time we found our way to an experience of existence that makes existence worth our attention. This existence is already available. Our collective and individual work is to calibrate ourselves to the experience of it.

This book serves as a tiny companion to Creation begins and Level Up, focusing primarily on the tools and habits to keep us in alignment with our most desired dreams.

. . .

Settle into the flow of your best life.