We are all wanting to be the most realist version of ourselves. The version that doesn’t stand down, that maintains their boundaries, that pushes their limits. The version that is sure and confident and determined. The version that is energised, light, and joyful.

Our natural life has been tarnished by the falsehoods of our socialising systems, leaving most of us a shell of who we could potentially be. Authentic aims to remind you that you are more valuable than you realise and deserve to unleash the most daring, most genuine, most up-to-date version of your incredible self in your everyday life.

Uncover who you really are, and unleash that most authentic version on the world.

a message

from me

Be you. Be free.

Living a pleasantly satisfying life is one thing.
But some of us want to live an exemplary life.

A year after releasing the second book, I picked up an unfinished, untitled WIP that spoke to being more freely, fully, and authentically ourselves in a world that demands we fit in and be like everyone else.

It is not easy to stay stable in your individuality when our very culture is to conform. Virtually anybody who stands out is shunned until they’ve stood out long and intently enough to become famous or infamous. Then they are seen in a completely different category, often elevated above the likes of the mundane people who are just trying to get by.

This book serves as a tiny companion to Creation begins and Level Up, looking at the various factors that prevent us from being authentic and how to adapt around them.

. . .

This is your life. Live it as yourself.