Behold a space to explore your own insights, compose your appreciation lists, and generally chronicle your progress through life.

These journals come in a variety of sizes, in lined and unlined versions for your free-form thoughts. Guidance interspersed with wisdoms are irregularly splattered across the pages. The intention is to remind you of your processes, as you use the space to design and align your life according to your whims.

It’s your story. And this is just a book to write it in.

The journals are available in soft cover and hard cover editions. The Max versions have double the writing pages but otherwise have the same inspirations and insights from the Creation.begins range of material sprinkled sporadically through all versions of the journals.

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Standard Journal (200 pages)
Maximized Journal (400 pages)

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Standard Journal (200 pages)
Maximized Journal (400 pages)

a message

from me

Fill Your Future With What You Want.

You have always been the indirect author of your life.
You just haven’t been authoring purposefully.

The entire series has one basic and obvious message: Creation begins with you.
That means that you decide what you fill your future with; you reap is what you sow. Consistently focussing on how bad life can be will fill your future with how bad life can be. Conversely, consistent focus on the blessings of life will fill your future with more blessings. And you get to decide what you focus most on.

This journal provides you with the space to create your dream life. Write what you want to be experiencing. Write the story as you want it to transpire. Write the story of how life has worked out so far. Take the time to remember and imagine positive experiences and realisation of your desires. Fill your present with more of what you want your future to bring you. The pages are scattered with reminders and insights from the books to help guide your practice, and constantly remind you that your life in under your rein.

This book is a companion to the Creation begins with you series, giving you the space to apply what you’ve learned through the books.

. . .

This is your story. Own it.