You’ve read the first book. You’re regularly taking time to meditate and focus yourself. You’re enjoying your life.

Life is good. Maybe life is great. But the ever-present itch is still there. There’s still so much more you want to be experiencing, the bucket list is growing, months are passing, and it’s high time you ticked off those more phenomenal experiences.

it’s time to

Level Up

. . .

Level up is literally about taking life to the next level. Where Creation begins with you is about healing yourself from the past and the misconceptions of modern society, and living a life that is wonderful, Level Up is about living as large as possible. In this book you will learn how to take the metaphorical bull by the horns and fly the fuck off with it.

Building on the foundations set in Creation begins, we turn up the allowing and open the floodgates of prosperity to ridiculous proportions. At least, ridiculous to those who aren’t ready for it. For you, it’s simply the next leg of your life’s journey.

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a message

from me

You want to fly? Let’s fly!

Living a pleasantly satisfying life is one thing.
But some of us want to live an exemplary life.

A year after releasing the first book, I wrote Level Up as it had become apparent that there was more to be said about deliberate living, taking life a few dozen steps beyond where Creation begins with you left off.

More than simply living a harmonious life, we may want to achieve massive goals. Goals like positively affecting all of the world, goals like building conglomerates, goals like owning holiday homes in every single country, goals like booking a family trip to Mars on a whim.

Everyone expects different things from life. Some are more than content to live in peace with their loved ones in an off-grid community, enjoying happy times with happy people. Others want to travel first-class, with all the extra amenities, full service, food on-tap, and entertainment that would make a millionaire double-check their bank balance before tapping their card. There is no limit to what you may want to experience in this lifetime.

This book picks up where the first book ends, encouraging you to fill your bucket list with not just a few items, but hundreds or thousands of wishes.

. . .

This is your life. Live it large.