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We at Creation.begins pride ourselves on living as we want to live, actively demonstrating that we are free and joyous people.

Naturally, we want this for you, too. And, for this purpose, the following courses have been developed and are run by Jaiprakash Sewram, subject to availability.

Happy No Matter What

Live an unconditionally joyous life.

This course consists of several independent and supportive components, including a book, videos, discussion groups, and a short workshop. Each item aims to help you realise that you can be much more in charge of your emotional state than you have been led to believe. And as you allow yourself more control over yourself, you will realise that you don’t need to exercise domination over anything else in order to be happy. In a nutshell, you will learn how to literally be happy no matter what is happening and what has happened in your personal world.

Level Up

Take the steps, no matter how small, in the direction of your evolution.

You are an expanding being. You were born into this life to consistently experience more. Hence, you are continuously evolving so that you can experience more. You cannot stop this process, no matter how hard you try, but you can get in your own way and slow it down tremendously. This course supports your growth process, gets you into the natural flow of life’s gifts, and helps you improve your awareness to know when you’re working with your desires and allowing your expansion, and when you’re working against yourself, unnecessarily restricting your forward trajectory.

Adulting Made Easy

Manage your adult life with ease and exuberance.

The idea of “adulting” has become very disempowering in common society. People think that the word means doing all those things that are tedious and dull, and then they wonder why they’re so bad at it. Obviously, nobody wants to do anything dull! This course is aimed at improving your ability to manage your life as an adult with the playful attitude you had as a child. You will learn how extremely capable you are at winning life, as you tap into your raw adult-level power of creation.

Find your soul, mate

Connect with your soul, your partners’ souls, and better your relationships.

With a focus on relationships, this course helps you reconnect and merge with your soul, so that you bring that greater part of you into everything you do. You will learn how to see yourself as the awesome, fabulous, worthy person that you were born as. You will also learn to see everybody else from this same perspective, as the amazing, joyful, playful teachers and companions that they are in your life. And as your perspective shifts towards one that is predominantly coloured by love, all your relationships will improve organically.


Hold to the vision.

With reminders for your empowerment practices, daily insights, and group advice, Visionary is a free support group that aims to help you foster the habits and mindset to achieve your current and future goals.


Take your journey with a professional bestie.

The Creation.Lab is an on-going service that gives you access to me as your personal mentor, coach, and professional best friend, who will be loving and absolutely blunt with you, supporting you on your journey towards experiencing more of what you want.