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It’s a brand new year and time for a new lease on life again.

How has your past year been?
Was it all you expected? Did you reach all your goals?

Whether you did or not, let’s turn up the dial and step this new year up into the realm of amazing!
It seems like 2017 was a challenging year for a lot of people. But with every challenge comes opportunity. And if you’re somebody who grows from adversity, I’m guessing you’ve had a rocking year and are looking to push the limits further in the next one.

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Start living the life you want to live this year

When you are able to share your passion with the world and be paid well for it, you free yourself. You stop living by somebody else’s rules. You start respecting your time and your energy, and, in turn, spend that time and energy doing the things you want to do, and with the people you want to be with, more so than when you’re working a day job for somebody else.

I have always had the dream of living a free life, working and playing when I wanted to, and still being able to enjoy a nice home, and an overall good life. I mean, it’s easy enough to join a hippie commune, and live off the land, and that’s perfectly great for the people who want to live that lifestyle. Me, I’m more of an urban hippie. I still wear my tie-dye and traipse bare-foot through the malls, but I also enjoy my creature comforts.

Fortunately, my skills are vast. By the time I was 30, I had learned to cook, massage, write, develop websites, program computers, act, dance, and teach. These skills were not sought out as career options. They were things I learned because I loved doing them. If I could trade them for money (which I did and do), so much the better.

The Ignite Your Passion┬ácourse is designed to help you identify the passions that you can develop into a business. You don’t have to make a career out of every interest you have. Just one will do. And through a series of sessions, we will determine together which passion that will be. Over 2 months, we will also set you up with a website, if you don’t have one yet, and teach you how to leverage social media and Internet marketing to get your website and social pages working for you, promoting and selling your service or product 24/7.

What you can expect

Laying the foundations for success...

  • Identify your personal magic (values, skills, talents, competencies)
  • Doing the research
  • The art of story telling
  • Finding an audience
  • Captivating your audience
  • Making yourself shine

Weekly group and individual one-on-one check-ins...

  • Adjusting to a success mindset
  • Being purposeful
  • Becoming an expert
  • Finding your voice
  • Finding balance
  • Support structures

The road to launching your online business...

  • Digital Presence Fundamentals
  • Structure of a successful website
  • Social Media
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting for your audience

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Ignite Your Passion workshop

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Leverage The Internet

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I have been working with websites for nigh on two decades, and have witnessed the evolution of the World Wide Web from a collection of static informative web pages, to the proliferation of blogs, and eventually electronic commerce and functional web-based applications. Our web browsers are by far the most used program on anybody’s personal computer or mobile device. It is easier than ever to launch an online business, and conversely, with billions of websites competing for attention, it’s become harder to stand out.

This is why establishing a good foundation based on your passions and values ensures that your business is an extension of you, not a side gig. Thought needs to go into the reason behind creating a business, and even having a website, what’s the purpose for your business, how will it serve you, how will you market it, how will you monetise it, what value are you offering to your customers, and how can we tie it all in with social media and email campaigns.

There are many pieces to this intricate puzzle. It’s an entire journey of discovery, getting to understand which piece fits where, working together to grow your business and cater to your customer base.

Creation.begins takes you on that journey, guiding you through the fundamentals, establishing your purpose and goals, building and designing your business with this goal in mind, and helping you with the strategies that bring your ideal customers to you.

Ignite Your Passion workshop

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