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Level Up!

The 4 week project to Level up your game, connect with yourself, and fall in love with your life.

Make your 2020 an exceptional year.

Transformation, Exploration, Elevation

This project is designed to support you on your journey of major transformation in your life.

It is a four-week process with daily activities and insights, to help you move closer to living in sync with your dreams. Each day begins with an activity that I will guide you through, highlighting the purpose of the activity and what we aim to achieve with it. Over the course of the four weeks, this project will help you move closer to specific goals and dreams, and expanding your current bucket list with new items.

You can start with a clean slate or an existing list, it doesn’t matter. I will help you become very specific in what you want, and develop the practices that help you soar.

You will...

  • become super specific on what you want to have or achieve
  • learn to cut out the noise that slows or prevents you from getting to where you want
  • gain a better understanding and awareness of how to purposefully create
  • receive practical activities that you can use continuously for the rest of your life
  • improve your relationships
  • boost your career goals
  • take better care of yourself
  • work with the Universe instead of against it

How it works...

  • I will guide you through each step
  • you will receive a downloadable workbook, with space to journal each activity.
  • the project will run for 28 days from signing up
  • you will receive a daily activity for a total of 28 activities
  • each activity follows on from the previous ones, and are specifically aimed at helping you improve in one of the four main areas of your life
  • some activities overlap with others, ultimately taking you through the process of improving your habitual behaviour, and developing new patterns to quickly evolve your relationships, career, health and personal life
  • each activity will be delivered in a written format and accompanied by a short video from me with tips and insights
  • you will need to dedicate between 15 minutes to 30 minutes per day
  • we will have weekly check-ins to keep you on track
  • you will have access to the Creation.Lab 2019 Facebook group for support and encouragement
  • you’ll also be added to the Creation.begins premium mail list for a year from registration. This list receives premium weekly insights, advice, and links to articles and other stuff that I think you will enjoy.

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the cost of improving your life in a month is only $99

What does it take to level up?

Life is a game. And nobody masters any game the first time through on their own. I have been through the trenches, experimenting with different ways of making life work in a way that suited me, and landed with more mud and tears on my face than I care to remember. But I kept searching, I kept trying, and I kept leveling up. I started figuring out what works and what doesn’t. For me. And, through this journey, I learned how to guide others along their own game path.

Because I level upped in many facets; my analytical skills, along with my creative skills, and those combined with advanced communication and compassion experience points have turned me into one bad ass mother who can graciously steer you into your own light, often within minutes of meeting you.

If you’re ready to change, that is. The things you’re complaining about and that you’re unhappy about are a reflection of your own attitude and mentality. Not your fault! A reflection. For example, two people can look at a problem and one can see doom and gloom, while the other sees opportunity. The problem is the same but the vision and the mindset of the observers are vastly different. Every good game has its puzzles. Some are easily solved, some take time and extra effort. All of them are part of the fun of the game. Now, imagine that you saw life as fun no matter what. That you were able to problem solve your way through situations with greater ease. Wouldn’t that make the game more manageable? More fun?

Well, let me tell you that if you can breathe, you can improve the way you handle life.

The Level Up! project shifts the way you see the world into a manageable, more fun, more fulfilling experience. It turns your past experiences on their heads and gives you the tools to always be able to move forward, no matter what future puzzles hinder your path. You will learn to go beyond a positive outlook and healthier mindset, you will be able to see your way forward from an enlightened perspective, be able to effectively analyse what needs attention, open yourself up to answers, and know what you can let be, too. Walking away from situations and circumstances can often be more beneficial than tackling them.

We take it even further, letting no circumstance ever stymy us. By the end of the four weeks, you will have a completely different outlook on life, and how it works. You will have greater clarity on what you really want, what is actually important to you, and steamroll your way towards those desires. Let me be clear, at the end of this project, you won’t necessarily be a billionaire draped in model lovers sailing across the Caribbean. You might be but that’s not my promise to you. What I do promise is that you will be the person who can and, perhaps more importantly, who believes you can realise any dream you imagine, and you will be well on your way to being, doing, and having what you desire.

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About Jaiprakash

I am an actor, an author, and an adventurer.

For the majority of my life I have been on an ongoing exploration of self and the process of manifestation, and living life with purpose. I started with John Kehoe’s book “Mind Power” back when I was fourteen, and eventually attended my first meta-physical workshops in my early twenties. It’s been an ongoing education in multiple disciplines and teachings for the decades since (and, yes, that’s a recent photo; I still look awesome 😀 ).

With an insatiable craving for adventure, I have traversed through multiple careers in the industries of Information Technology, Media, TV and Film, Body therapy and Healing, Strategy coaching, and general consulting.

I enjoy the outdoors and can be relatively regularly found hiking in the forests, swimming in mountain streams, or otherwise baking under the South African sun. I have been on a life-long journey of learning and healing, continuously deepening my connection with my Self and Spirit, falling in love more and more with myself and life every day. I certainly don’t fit into many mainstream boxes but I’ve learned how to flit between them.

As much as I’ve endured some periods of difficulty, the underlying idea born in my youth that life should be fun has remained in tact. And through my own life, I’ve been steadily moving closer and closer to that reality. Creation.begins was born out of a desire to express my various talents while enjoying a life of ease and lightness, and has evolved into a hub of empowerment and mentorship, teaching people how to connect to their own selves and Spirit, in their respective life journeys, and have as much fun along the way as they can stomach.

What you need to know?

Do I need to to prep anything?

No. Life has caused you to identify your desires (call them dreams, goals, whatever, they are what you want to achieve or have in your life). If you have an active list of goals, you can certainly use them as a focal point. I run this course assuming that you’ve some clarity on what you do want, but we will nonetheless be doing activities around both identifying and getting clear on what your desires are, and navigating the hurdles towards them.

Will this project help me in my business, my personal life, or my relationships?

It will help you in all aspects of your life. Level Up! is about you and your journey. It is about developing your ability to better handle relationships (whether romantic, platonic or business), be more grounded and sure in your desires and decisions (whether in your personal life or in your career), and helping you expand your perspective and develop an opportunity seeking, progressive mindset that will benefit every area of your life.

During your check-ins (via email and, if you choose the Connection option, during the live calls), we will also address issues specific to you. So whether you have relationship, career, health, or other goals, I will help you take leaps towards them.

What you will learn through this process is that all things are one, and how you handle yourself in a romance is not too different from how you handle yourself in a business. Life is not as clearly organised into neat little boxes than you’ve been led to believe. 😉

When do we start?

Immediately. Your first activity will be sent to you the day after you sign up. Weekly check-ins usually happen on a Friday but we can be flexible because life happens.

What kind of activities will we doing?

The daily activities are varied with some of them standing alone, and most building on previous ones. You may need to do the activity physically, or require introspection that is achieved through written exercise. They all predominantly invite you to shift perspective.

They are designed to be short so as not to disrupt your day too much, and should take you between 15 and 30 minutes to accomplish.  They are titled along the lines of “health kick”, “mastering procrastination”, “connecting to desire”, “increase productivity with ease”, “my real priorities”, “right words, all the time”, “playing the Yes game”, “playing the Happy game”, “get paid to play”, etc.

How will I get the activities and videos?

You will receive an email with the activity and video link each day at 07:00 GMT. You can watch the video and perform the activity at any time in the day that is convenient for you. You could even defer the activity to first thing the next morning, if you are in a later time zone.

And don’t stress about losing the emails. You will have access to each activity and video in the Creation.Lab user’s area.

Can I do this course with a friend?

Yes! It’s so much better doing things like this with our humans!

And to make it possible, every full-price seat you book gives you a 20% discount code valid for two other friends (or lovers, or co-workers, or those cute baristas you visit every morning).

What if this doesn't work for me?

It’s always going to be up to you to follow through on the process but if you genuinely feel that after a month of giving it your all, this was a complete waste of time, you’re welcome to print out all the material, run them through a shredder and take a flamethrower to the remains, and I will still give you your money back and a slice of pie.

I've got another question that you haven't answered.

No worries. Shoot me your question here and I’ll respond post haste.

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Begin the next phase of your life

What people have said about working with me

Ashvini Pillay - innovat’ink (PTY) LTD.

Jaiprakash is undoubtedly a wealth of creativity and experience and never afraid to share his past encounters as real life examples. His unique perspective combined with his inquisitive disposition ensures that his advice is always relevant and functional towards combing through everyday fluff.
As a business coach Jai has taught me to practice the art of listening and not just hearing what others are saying so that I am able to interpret each scenario in a [sic] objective and productive manner. He has strong business acumen and understands the importance of building, and more importantly, maintaining strong client relations in order to meet objectives.

Jana van Schalkwyk

Jaiprakash helped me to be gentle with myself on my journey to self-love. He guided me to see that I am equal to everyone and everything around me, and that my thoughts and actions determine what the universe gives back to me. He helped me to realise the power that I hold to transform my life into the blueprint of my heart’s desire. He is able to give me guidance that coincides with my inner journey and he has the ability to remind me of things that I already know, but had forgotten.
  • Jaiprakash created a beautiful website for CGFSA and conducted a [related] training seminar. It is always really a great pleasure to work with Jai. He is extremely efficient, patient, very helpful, has got a wonderful personality and a very good sense of humour.
    Florika Devine
    Central Gauteng Figure Skating Association
  • Mr. Jai'prakash Sewram came through for me, he mentored, advised and changed my career, today I run a Production company: Rapusha Productions... I am proud and grateful to say Mr. Jai you've truly changed my career life and please continue helping others, your mentorship it's truly a blessing. 🙏🙏 thank you for your kindness and being part of my career life. Thank you.
    Katlego Kaytee Molefe
    Rapusha Productions
  • Jai has always been so ready to help me with advice, even when I don't think I'm looking for it. He'll ask how I am and I'll answer, and he's ready and waiting with the most beautiful advice. He takes time to think things through and answers meticulously. He has a lot to give, and he gives so freely. (more…)
    Danielle Blanchard
  • Jai has always played such an important and positive part in my life. He has this special gift and ability to see the bigger picture and assists in guiding one to put the pieces of the puzzle back together. No matter how complex, deep or tangled in a cobweb my mind or emotions might have felt, he has always assisted me to untangle it so quickly and simply to get back to that clarity once again. Assists in guiding you to lift the veils and put things back into perspective in a clear, light hearted way that just works for me. (more…)
    Katy Kaufman
    Aloha Massage
  • Jaiprakash is an incredible teacher; he taught me to be more authentic in relating to people, and my relationships (both with romantic partners and myself) have benefited from this. It is obvious that he has thought about relationships and ethics a lot more than I have and I continue to learn from this extraordinarily insightful man.
    Jay Fox

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