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Nothing is Without Meaning

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21 Jan 2013
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3 Mar 2016

Nothing is Without MeaningA minute or less

You are not insignificant. Nobody is. Nothing is. Not even the infuriating little mosquito.

Everything we do, whether with purpose or not, has consequence and, therefore, meaning.

Or does it?

What does meaning mean to you?

For me, life is an ongoing story with every consequence linked to some form of action. Every consequence could also have consequences which have consequences with have consequences, and so a tapestry of tale forms over millennia. And so nothing is without meaning because everything fills in the gaps in the story. Not every event to occur in the universe may be significant to me or to you, but they are significant to somebody and, if nothing else, certainly significant to the story.

No single one of us will ever know the significance of every event, even those that are prime to our own storyline. We simply do not have the cognitive capacity to be simultaneously aware of the trillions of events occurring in every moment. We are barely even aware of the all the events occurring right in front of us.

And because we have such a naturally blinkered view of the universe, most humans have forgotten or failed to realise in the first place that simply because something isn’t significant in their storyline, doesn’t mean that it isn’t of extreme importance to another storyline. The universe is vast and able to play out all the permutations of our varied stories. And that, above all things, is momentous.

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Nothing is Without Meaning
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