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18 Jan 2020

Act from confidence, instead of desperation

A person who is starving will put any morsel they can into their mouth. A person who is nourished will be more picky, and only choose what they enjoy. If you can approach life predominantly from the latter perspective, you will experience more of what you want and less of what you settle for.
9 Jan 2018

7 Steps to Kicking Ass This Year

Every year should be the new best year. Here's some ways that can make that a reality.
24 Oct 2016


Be passionate, work towards your passion, enjoy yourself, have fun, live! Take back Monday! Make it yours and kick ass! Everyday!
12 Oct 2016

Getting it done

3 Mar 2016

My first job

Let me tell you how I got my first proper job. It wasn't because of my expertise or winning personality. It was because I wanted to be a Jedi.
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