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13 Oct 2016
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26 Oct 2016

This is such a real sentiment! So many people are simply living, or existing, from weekend to weekend. Working and earning an income is important and very necessary but when you’re doing something for 40 hours a week, it best be something you’re enjoying, right? I mean that just makes sense.

Now I understand that it’s not an easy route to always do what you want. Trust me, I know. I’ve been freelancing and trying to better my business sense for the better part of sixteen years. And I’m still sucking at it. But in all that time, I’ve been mostly happy with how I’ve been spending my days. Today for example, I attended a callback for a commercial and am now having a late breakfast and writing this post in my favourite coffee shop, enjoying the open air and the heat of the day.

I didn’t get up to an alarm clock this morning. I haven’t used an alarm for…well about two months, and that was to get up early for a road trip to the Eastern Cape. For work purposes, the last time I awoke to an alarm was in June for an early morning shoot. I really like that my sleep is not controlled by a beeping electronic device. And I wish that reality for everyone.

Jai'prakash - excited hatSo hopefully this post and that image above will be inspiration for you, if you aren’t particularly excited about this day, to start implementing the necessary changes in your life, little step by step, so that your Monday’s are greeted with enthusiasm and passion.

Have a beautiful Monday! 😉


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