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The Fallacy of Time Shortage

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The Fallacy of Time Shortage3 min read

The pandemic times were a challenging period for much of the world, but it did give us some perspective. For those of us who were able to lockdown at home, we were given what most of us had been asking for; We were given the choice to do with our time as we wanted, somewhat.

Many of us had the time to do the things we’d been putting off, only to discover that time wasn’t really the issue after all.

beach at sunrise reflected in glass orb

Inverted Reflections – photo by Joshua Woroniecki

If not no time, then what?

We all have exactly the same amount of logical time available to us every single day. What we do with that time, it has been said, depends on us. We have the free will and cognitive ability to choose how we spend our time. Theoretically.

In reality, time is only one tiny factor in how we spend said time. Our decisions are also determined by what we’re most focused on, the resources we have at our disposal, the obligations we’ve already piled on, and our own level of abilities.

So, in order to spend time in the way that we would like, there are many other factors that need to be in place. This might seem a smidge overwhelming and you probably want to just dive under the duvet again.

Breathe. Take a moment. And know that you can spend your time much more wisely right now with some small tweaks in your priorities.

close-up of a watchmaker's hands making a wristwatch

The little details – photo by Matteo Vella

Baby steps

Let’s look at all the factors one at a time, starting with your priorities.

Currently, if you’re like most adults, your priorities to yourself are at the bottom of your to-do list. First you cater to your families and your employers, not necessarily in that order. Then, maybe your friends. And then, maybe you give yourself the scraps of time and energy left at the end of the day.

If you would turn that around and prioritise yourself first, you will find you have more time on your hands. Obviously, this isn’t because there are magically more hours in the day, but because you’re using more of those hours for pursuits that are meaningful and interesting to you.

If you would spend more time prioritising your own pleasure and ventures, and encourage others to do the same and prioritise their own pleasure and ventures, you will find that not only do you have more time because you’ve set better boundaries, but you’ll also have more time and energy because those who are inspired by your influence stop wasting their own time and, by extension, your time, too.

As you prioritise your own desires and needs, everything else will steadily fall into place as well.

When you prioritise your needs, you help yourself focus on what is important.

And as you focus on what’s important and meaningful, you will wean yourself off those obligations that are not part of this pile.

And, of course, the less obligations you have, the more energy and time you can dedicate towards improving your abilities and attaining more resources.

Everything must happen bit by bit, and at a pace that is comfortable for you. Don’t rush to having complete control over every minute of your days. Get control of a minute first. Spend that minute breathing. That’s it. Whenever you can spare a minute in a day, spend it breathing consciously and deeply.

Then, when you can spare another minute, use it to meditate. Use another minute to determine what’s worth prioritising. Use another minute to plan out how you can free up more minutes. And so on and so forth.

The process could take you months or weeks or days or years, depending on your own commitment and regularity.

But before you know it, those thousands of baby steps will have taken you into having all the time you need to do all the things you want. For the most part 😉

Spending the days joyfully – photo by Brannon Naito

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