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8 Nov 2022

Shining Your Light

Read this chapter from my book "Creation begins with you", and be inspired to live a fuller, freer, and more fulfilled life.
5 Nov 2022

Blurring the lines

The life of your dreams excludes things you don't want to do, like any jobs that aren't nourishing you. Design your business to suit your life.
4 Aug 2022

Being Who You Really Are

Don’t you think it’s weird not being who you are? We’ve all talked about being more authentic and speaking our truths and being real for some […]
20 Jul 2022

The Fallacy of Time Shortage

The pandemic times were a challenging period for much of the world, but it did give us some perspective. For those of us who were able […]
13 Jul 2022

That fantastical power of now

Many gurus talk about the powerful act of being present in the now. Why is it so important and why are so few people able to […]
6 Jul 2022

Fall down eight times, get up nine

The not-so-secret to what you may label a successful life is little more than persistence. You’ve heard that you only fail when you give up. It’s […]
29 Jun 2022

Keeping up with yourself

Throughout your life you have been mentally creating a best version of yourself and best version of your life. It might be time to prioritise that version.
24 Jun 2022

Making Peace With What Is

Making peace with what is means not being affected by what is in a way that prevents you from doing anything meaningful about it.
17 Jun 2022

Obsessed with happiness

Why we are collectively so obsessed with happiness and what can we meaningfully do about it.
Obsessed with happiness
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