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These articles are specifically focused on you taking care of yourself, and soothing yourself back into being the powerful, playful, happy creator who you were born as.

13 Jul 2022

That fantastical power of now

Many gurus talk about the powerful act of being present in the now. Why is it so important and why are so few people able to […]
24 Jun 2022

Making Peace With What Is

Making peace with what is means not being affected by what is in a way that prevents you from doing anything meaningful about it.
17 Jun 2022

Obsessed with happiness

Why we are collectively so obsessed with happiness and what can we meaningfully do about it.
10 Jun 2022

Prioritising the eyes of love

Your liberation, and the liberation of your loved ones, comes from re-associating love with freedom and joy, and not with "be what I want you to be so that I can feel love for you".
1 May 2022

There is time enough

If you want to have the time, energy, or resources to live the life you want to live, take the little steps needed to make it possible.
26 Apr 2022

Are You Following Your Heart?

Most people are not following their heartfelt desires, because we have been trained to satisfy others before ourselves. That's pretty effed.
4 Mar 2020

Be Who You Wanna Be

Learning to take more responsibility and deliberately choosing your emotional state irrespective of any activity empowers your decision making ability.
26 Feb 2020

Being the greatest gift you could ever be

You are love through and through. If only you believed that, you would never feel any need to prove your worth.
18 Jan 2020

Act from confidence, instead of desperation

A person who is starving will put any morsel they can into their mouth. A person who is nourished will be more picky, and only choose what they enjoy. If you can approach life predominantly from the latter perspective, you will experience more of what you want and less of what you settle for.
Act from confidence, instead of desperation
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