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Train yourself to habitually be successfully in all your endeavours.

join me on a 14 day journey
foster the habits and mindsets of an achiever
enjoy the process of materialising your current and future goals

Be a Visionary

this programme is 100% free
and each chat group is limited to a maximum of 20 people.

This programme is designed to aid your journey of transformation

Over a two week period, you will receive daily exercises, meditations, and insights designed to help you clarify your desires and maintain a steady trajectory towards them. If you have yearly or monthly resolutions, this will be a fantastic way to see them through.

This entire process is free and voluntary. The aim is to provide you with a supportive, accountability group so you are doing this journey with like-minded people. The programme is not aimed specifically at helping you achieve your goals but serves as your launchpad to becoming the person who confidently sees your goals through, whatever they are.

If you want to be a part of this programme, sign up below, and I will add you to a group (on WhatsApp or Telegram) through which we will communicate.

I am excited to share this journey with you:

  • you will receive a range of guided meditations to suit you, and a daily reminder to centre yourself. 🧘‍♂️
  • you will receive an easy, soulful activity every day which should take you between 15 and 30 min to perform. 📘
    If you want, feel free to post a picture (can be blurred for added privacy) of your progress to the group to help you stay on track 😉📸
  • you will receive daily insights intended to shift perspectives and foster a mindset that supports your journey 💫
  • you can stay on the group for the full duration or leave whenever you consider appropriate. 😁
    There’s no pressure nor obligation at all.
  • you can ask, share or comment on any experience. Nothing is off topic. 😊
  • you are encouraged to be encouraging and supportive and spur on your fellow Visionaries in the group. 🤩

The journey of a Visionary

Where you are right now in your life is because of a sequence of events mostly directed by your past actions and reactions. For many people, those actions are not entirely deliberate, and are instead the consequence of years of habits individually created but all active at the same time. The trouble with habits that are created in isolation of each other is that they more often than not fail to work in harmony with each other, and can actively sabotage your efforts instead of supporting them.

A visionary is clear on what they want, and aware of their own behavioural patterns. Nurturing the behaviours that move one towards one’s goals will, naturally, strengthen those habits, and champion their success.

We will cultivate the deliberate visionary in you. You’ll have a chance to identify your obstacles, and find ways around them. You will learn how to clarify exactly what is important to you, and prioritise your life accordingly. You will develop the ability to pre-pave the paths towards your desires. And you will be inspired and encouraged towards including more of those things, or people, or experiences that you want in your life, and less of those that you don’t want.

A visionary is a person who is clear about their end result, and can guide themselves to it, purposefully using their imagination and wisdom. You will realise that you are not too far off from being just that person.

About Jaiprakash

Hi, I will be your facilitator on your Visionary journey.

I am an actor, an author, and an adventurer. I’m very good at acting, writing, and teaching because I’m an excellent observer and analyst of life. I have the ability to clearly see patterns. I realised that I can apply this ability to refining my personal patterns for my benefit. And I also realised that I can assist others in refining their own patterns.

For the majority of my life I have been on an ongoing exploration of self and the process of manifestation, and living life with purpose. I started with John Kehoe’s book “Mind Power” back when I was fourteen, and eventually attended my first meta-physical workshops in my early twenties. It’s been an ongoing education in multiple disciplines and teachings for the decades since.

With an insatiable craving for adventure, I have traversed through multiple careers in the industries of Information Technology, Media, TV and Film, Body therapy and Healing, Strategy coaching, and general consulting.

I enjoy the outdoors and can be relatively regularly found hiking in the forests, swimming in mountain streams, or otherwise baking under the South African sun. I have been on a life-long journey of learning and healing, continuously deepening my connection with my Self and Spirit, falling in love more and more with myself and life every day. I certainly don’t fit into many mainstream boxes but I’ve learned how to flit between them.

As much as I’ve endured some periods of difficulty, the underlying idea born in my youth that life should be fun has remained in tact. And through my own life, I’ve been steadily moving closer and closer to that reality. Creation.begins was born out of a desire to express my various talents while enjoying a life of ease and lightness, and has evolved into a hub of empowerment and mentorship, teaching people how to connect to their own selves and Spirit, in their respective life journeys, and have as much fun along the way as they can stomach.

What you need to know?

Do I need to to prep anything?

Yes, prepare yourself to expand, and open your mind to alternative perspectives. That’s all.

Life has already caused you to identify your desires (call them dreams, goals, whatever, they are what you want to achieve or have in your life). If you have an active list of goals, you can certainly use them as your focal point. We will nonetheless be doing activities around both identifying and getting clear on what your desires are, and navigating the hurdles towards them.

Will this programme help me in my business, my personal life, or my relationships?

It will support your goals in any subject of your life. This is about you and your journey. It is about developing your ability to better identify your desires (whether they are relationship goals, career goals, or personal goals), helping you be more grounded and sure in your decisions, expanding your perspectives, and nurturing a progressive mindset that will benefit every area of your life.

What kind of activities will we doing?

The daily activities are fairly simply and varied with some of them standing alone, and most building on previous ones. You may need to do a physical activity, or it may require introspection that is achieved through written exercise.

They are designed to bring you in alignment with your goals, and should take you between 15 and 30 minutes to accomplish each day.

How will I get the activities and insights?

You will be added to a chat group (on WhatsApp or Telegram, according to your preference) when you are accepted into the programme. Every day at around 07:00 GMT, I will communicate with the group. You can read/listen to the material, and perform the activity at any time in the day that is convenient for you. You could even defer the activity and meditation to first thing the next morning, which may be better for your time zone.

What if this doesn't work for me?

It’s always going to be up to you to follow through on the programme but if you genuinely feel that you’re wasting your time, and are not having fun, you may leave the group at any time. This programme is completely voluntary.

It’s always up to you to take responsibility for your life, and that includes making a deliberate decision on what you spend your time on. If this programme isn’t working for you, stop doing it immediately 😉

I've got another question that you haven't answered.

No worries. Shoot me your question here and I’ll respond post haste.

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Be a Visionary